Mozzies gone at last!

I recently toured The Daintree with my Scottish wife (and 2 small children).  One of our concerns was that, due to my wife being extremely prone to Mosquito bites, we would be living on unsafe mosquito skin applicants (with chemicals such as DEET etc.) in order to enjoy our holiday.  We did the research on what worked and when we came across the Sure Duz Mosquito Candle, there was some slight hesitation particularly with the claims and results published about the product.  It turns out that the product was EVEN BETTER and we virtually packed our suitcases around the candles!

Having had a great time in North Qld, we have continued to use the product almost daily as where we reside on the Gold Coast is extremely susceptible to a variety of “fierce, skin- eating” mozzies and my family have never slept better.  Finally, we can eat outside too!  Congratulations to the “brains” behind the product and wish them every success.   I cannot begin to imagine how many lives will be better off with Sure Duz Mozzie Candles.

John A. Heron, Gold Coast, Australia


We were visiting the Gold Coast early last year and I read an article in the local newspaper about a new candle that stopped mosquitoes. I live in quite a bushy suburb in southern Sydney and we have mosquitoes all year round and they get very bad in summer. I jumped on the net and ordered a couple to try, having used citronella candles and coils before with limited success, I was eager to see if these worked any better. The candles were waiting at the post office when we got home; we tried them a few days later. My husband and I were sitting outside watching the kids play and lit the candle, at first we weren’t that impressed, we were still getting bitten, but after about 20 minutes I realised the bites had stopped and asked my husband if he was getting bitten and he said no. We sat out there for about 2 hours without getting bitten; this was great as anytime we are outside in the evening one of us is always getting bitten. We have used these candles many times over the last year and haven’t had a problem with mosquito bites since. Every time we are outside in the evening having a BBQ the first thing we do is light the candle and by the time everything else is ready the mosquitoes are gone and we are ready for a great night. I would recommend these candles to everyone with a mosquito problem.

Melissa Daniels, Jannali, NSW, Australia


I will be honest when a friend first told me about SureDuz I was sceptical. I’d used citronella candles before and wasn’t that impressed. We were planning a camping holiday and my friend gave me one of the candles to try. On our first night camping the mosquitoes were terrible and we all got bitten quite a lot. The second night I remembered the SureDuz candle I had packed and thought we’d give it a try. We lit the candle once we started to get bitten and in about 10 minutes we noticed the mozzies had stopped biting. We were so surprised, we did notice that mozzies were still around but they were not biting us. Walking to the toilet and out of the range of the candle we would get bitten but once we back sitting at the campsite, no bites. We used the one candle for the next 4 nights and have only great things to say, we have even used it in the backyard at home when the mozzies have been biting. I will definitely be buying the SureDuz candle in the future.

Clint Scobie, Sydney, NSW, Australia


We have been using our mosquito candle under the patio for the last 3 barbecues and it’s worked great. We have been really impressed with the way the candle works – recommended to our friends.

Mick & Louise Davies, Ormeau, QLD, Australia


I was Surfing the internet for a Mosquito repellent and I came across SureDuz the mosquito candle

I decided I would give this a try since I was heading on one of my yearly camping holidays to North Stradbroke Island , Bribie Island then ending up on Fraser Island all well known for there Mosquito problems as I have been attacked there the last few years. I sleep in the back of my ute under the stars while my friends all sleep in their tents and camper trailers , when we woke up the first morning everyone was complaining about how bad the mosquitoes were and I said how I was using these new candles and did not get a bite all night. That night everyone wanted to try these new candles and all had a great night sleep, Now Sure Duz is the first thing we pack . All of my friends that were on this trip all swear by Sure Duz the mosquito candle

I have been using Sure Duz the mosquito candle for about a year now on my camping and fishing trips with great success. I decided to go on a camping and hiking trip through Cambodia, Vietnam, India and Thai land over a 4 month holiday all of these places are well known for being high risk for Malaria and other terrible Mosquito Bourne diseases. I was suppose to get a shot and some tablets before I went but being a typical single male I ran out of time so I took some Sure Duz candles with me which I used regularly and had no problem with mosquitoes. I met loads of people that were all complaining of getting smashed by Mosquitoes so I thought I would give them some of my spare candles , all they could say was WOW where can we get these from! When I returned home from my 4 month holiday I felt perfectly fine but thought I would get tested for Malaria anyway just in case , Sure Duz saved me from being unprepared .
Everyone should try these candles you will be amazed.

Aaron Fanning, Loganholme, QLD, Australia.