SureDuz Mosquito Candles

Finally, a safe reliable mosquito repellent that does not have to be applied to your skin.

The idea for SureDuz was to create a candle as a mosquito repellent that was safe and easy for the whole family to use, and that actually works.

SureDuz is simply a candle, that when lit releases a protective plume to create a 5 metre by 5 metre bite free zone. It is totally safe to use around your family, your pets and food.

SureDuz Mosquito Candle Information Fact Sheet

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Simple To Use

It’s so easy to use, simply place the SureDuz Mosquito Candle on any flat surface away from any flammable items, always ensuring a safe distance from the naked flame. After 15 to 20 minutes the SureDuz Mosquito Candle will start to take effect by releasing its proven, unique insecticide plume into the air, creating a 5 metre by 5 metre bite free zone.

Protection From Mosquitos

Not only does the SureDuz Mosquito Candle protect you from mosquitoes but also from sand flies and midges. Once the plume is in place, if a mosquito or sand-fly or midge enters this zone it will instantly try to escape, if they can not escape prolonged exposure to the plume can render them unconscious for up to 18 hrs. If you need to protect a larger area, just light the sufficient number of candles to cover the required area.

In documented field studies SureDuz has been proven to out perform all other mosquito repellents in its class. After rigorous testing by the Australian Governments testing authority the APVMA, the SureDuz Mosquito Candle has been declared safe and effective and approved for sale in Australia. SureDuz has also recently been approved for sale in New Zealand after efficacy and safety testing by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA formerly ERMA). Presented in a recycled glass container and packaged using eco friendly recycled cardboard. SureDuz is not only effective but creates a lovely candle lit atmosphere.

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