Sure Cook

We are excited to bring you a safe, clean burning, environmentally responsible alternative to other
chemical fuel tablets… SureCook Solid Fuel.

We use environmentally friendly grains to produce a clean burning, safe and convenient solid fuel.

SureCook needs no fuel, no wood, no paper, nothing. Just set up the mini stove provided, open the
tin of SureCook and place in the mini stove and light the instant fuel. You will get approximately 30 minutes of burn time per tin, giving you enough time to make tea or coffee and cook a meal in most outdoor conditions.

Unlike some other solid fuel products on the market, Surecook releases no harmful fumes when burning and leaves no black sticky residue on your cookware. Surecook will provide a safe and controlled burn at all times.

Weighing under 100 gram with the stove included and measuring 1500mm x 100mm x 40mm, its perfect for hiking, camping or any outdoor activity where convenience and size are paramount.

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