Is SureDuz the mosquito candle safe ?

Yes SureDuz the mosquito candle is safe for the whole family including pets ,children and pregnant women. It has been stringently tested by the Australian and New Zealand governments including toxicology and efficacy all of which we passed with flying colours. Our active ingredients have been in use for many years in the agricultural sector and have been shown to cause no harm to fetal development in government studies.

How many Candles will I need for my patio/ outdoor area ?

1x SureDuz the mosquito candle will create a bite free zone of up to 5 x 5 meters square, but in high mosquito population areas we suggest 2 for the same area with 1 each end to maximise the plume for protection.

Does SureDuz the mosquito candle come in any other sizes than the 300 gram ?

Yes, we have 1 other size that comes in a Frosted Glass container it is a 200 gram candle with a burn time of up to 36hrs!

Do these smaller sizes protect the same size area ?

Yes , all of the SureDuz mosquito candles create the same size plume of protection.

Is there any other colours that the SureDuz mosquito candle comes in ?

We are currently taking suggestions on different coloured glass containers and also coloured Aluminium containers to suit any decor . If the demand is large enough we will bring out the coloured versions soon.

How long does it take for SureDuz to become effective after lighting the candle ?

Once lit the SureDuz mosquito candle will take effect after about 20 minutes. After the initial burn in the candle will take effect between 15 to 20 minutes each time it is relit.

Does SureDuz only work on mosquitoes ?

No, SureDuz works on sand flies and midges just use it in the same manner as for the mosquitoes.

How effective is SureDuz the mosquito candle ?

Government tests by leading entomologist Dr Scott Ritchie conclusively gave SureDuz an efficacy of 86% after 30 minutes of testing in Cairns. SureDuz left all others in its class well behind such as citronella ( 42%) Sandalwood sticks (72%)

Can I use SureDuz indoors ?

We recommend that you only use SureDuz in well ventilated outdoor areas. If you need to protect the inside of your home we suggest placing the candle outside your doors or windows to create a barrier between you and the source of the mosquitoes, to reduce the number invading your home.

Is SureDuz harmful to the enviroment ?

SureDuz uses a synthetic pyrethroid as its active ingredient. Pyrethroids are derived from the resin of dried Chrysanthemum flowers. We use a synthetic pyrethroid to enhance stability and
effectiveness as pyrethroids are destroyed by sunlight and the atmosphere. Please always dispose of as directed on the box.

What is SureDuz made of ?

Using a combination of Palm and Parrafin wax as our base candle we have embedded a synethic version of a naturally occurring insecticide found in the resin of the dried Chrysanthemum flower, Pyrethrum. Naturally occuring pryrethroids are destroyed by sunlight and the atmosphere in a matter of hours, we have used a synthetic version to increase stability and effectiveness to give you hours of protection from mosquitoes. Our Palm wax is sourced from registered plantation farms.