The Sure Products team have designed a bold and innovative product that is setting a new benchmark in mosquito repelling technology. Sure Mosquito Candle has been scientifically proven to out perform all products in its class including coils and citronella products.

When it comes to repelling unwanted annoying mosquitoes no other product comes close to the Sure Mosquito Candle. Our mosquito repelling candle releases a 5x5m plume once the inner core reaches the optimum temperature. Our active ingredient will then be released into the air dazing and repelling surrounding mosquitoes. The Sure Mosquito Candle is odourless, non-toxic and completely safe to use around family, pets, food and pregnant women, so you can go back to enjoying BBQ’s outside without the nuisance of annoying, biting mosquitoes.

In 2005 our founder’s wife contracted Ross River Fever from a mosquito bite in suburban Brisbane, this led to questions regarding the best way to protect ourselves from the annoyance of mosquitoes and the dangers of mosquito borne diseases. After years of testing in some of the most mosquito ravaged areas of the world and by leading medical entomologist Dr Scott Ritchie Bsc, MS, PhD among other specialists in their field, a candle like no other was created. The Sure Mosquito Candle has been approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA) for sale in Australia as a safe, reliable and effective mosquito repellent.

The mosquito repelling candle has been government tested and approved through many years of scientific research, our research partners include QIMR (Queensland Institute of Medical Research), USM (University of Sains Malaysia) and WHO (World Health Organisation) in creating this innovative and effective product. The Sure Mosquito Candle has been proven to be the most efficacious through extensive scientific research and successful field trials in countries such as; Uganda, Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Fiji. Our high quality candles are professionally crafted by our manufacturing plant situated in Malaysia where they are thoroughly tested and distributed with the utmost care.

For further information regarding any of our products please email us at info@sureproducts.net.au.